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Brand story
The royal fragrant sachet of Tang dynasty, carved in grape and flowers pattern of brilliant golden shell and filled with precious incense medicine of yin and yang, represents seductive and subtle elegance.
According to legend, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang looked at the royal sachet and thought of the Beauty Yang after she passed away with her fragrance diminished and jade perished

EnerGene = Energy &  Gene
1. Energy for your Gene
    EnerGene perfume unlocks password for your rhythm of life, searching for gene's energy
2. Discover yourself
    Explore the memory of your fragrance, creating a natural attraction

 "Energy" is the gift of the liveliness, "Gene" is the acceptance of yourself
In each person and each relationship, there is a different atmosphere, as well as aroma.
Smell convinces and induces people, rather than words can do.
Everyone has inherent scent (five elements).
When you smell 10 EnerGene perfume scents, you will have different feelings.
Through instinctive feel to identify your specific perfume scents.
With the use of this fragrance, all wishes and dreams come true, and you will become a better you!

The life exists with a formula to solve. EnerGene perfume is the energized fragrance inherited from oriental wisdom of ying-yang and five elements for you to find the code of wisdom, wealth, reputation, relationship and luck.
To balance the vibration and harmony of inner body, EnerGene perfume integrates the ancient wisdom of five elements with the tradition of combined incense by technically liquefying the valuable fragrant materials into perfume.
Product Characteristics
EnerGene perfumes --with their special features and ingredients according to their shape, appearance, scent, regulation -- determine extracts with five elementswith the characteristics of the universal goodness. Used in health care, life rhythm, achieve a healthy body, interpersonal harmony, emotional peace, andcareer accomplishment.

● Natural Herbs
Each EnerGene perfume ingredients are all added with oil compound herbal plant extracts to extract the oil level perfume.
In different herbal oils, each specific plant has it's unique aroma and outcome.
To allow the plant characteristics play at the maximum functionality, a variety of pure essential oils are extracted
With the adjustment of the extract concentration, perfumesshow up 10energy fragrances of the world.
Herbal ingredients complement each other, provide a resonance frequencyof universal integrity, achieve natural harmony and balance natural atmosphere
● Wisdom of Chinese fragrant
"Blending aroma," is a compound of medical odorous, Chinese medical wisdom and philosophical thinking, as well as a traditional Chinese spiritual aromatherapy and methods.
In the Chinese medical perspectives, like yin and yang which everything consists of two power compositions, body is a small universe and requires both yin and yang energy circulation to stay healthy.
EnerGene perfume research and development team is committed to research herbal plants and cooperativeness characteristics, perfume blends consist of 10 aromas of 5 energys --wood, fire, soil, gold and water -- in Yin and Yang forms.

● Spirit of energy and health
Chinese medicine inheritance emphasizes "Heaven" and "whole concept", depending on the energy of body, shape, and God's unity.Based on the basis of the book of change, yin and yang principle that the human body and nature influence each other, need comprehensive consideration from internal organs to heaven, earth, and people at all levels of the overall situation. Using different element perfumes will correspond to internal organs, as a basis for self- nurturing health, and smell its soothing relaxation fragrance will help renovating the body's balance of yin and yang as well as the five elements.
Yin & yang and principle of five elements also applies to external relationships. Everyone has a different personality and relationship which represents with an aroma. Interact with people between any moment to get along, ones create an"energy."
"Fragrant" is viable, when using the aroma to express the current energy atmosphere. EnerGene knows that everyone has personal characteristics and makes customized perfume aromas you need!

● Advanced technology
With 30 years of professional R&Dexperience and the ancient wisdom, EnerGene carefully selectsmedical herbs as well as uses traditional Chinese medicine production formula. The GMP factory which produces pure hybrid of dye-free herbal cosmetics, skin care products is committed to product innovation, development and quality management.
Perfume series
Base on the principle of pure herbs, pure energy and pure love, the R&D team has created a various collection of herbal products for Health Care. The ten nature fragrances are developed to enhance personal fortune through essential oil and herbal extracts of wood, fire, earth, metal and water as following:
● Wood fragrance
The liver is the organ that is most affected by the wood fragrance to release excess stress or emotions

EnerGene Ⅲa 
Imagine the forest with its roots going down deep into the earth. The straight forward, goal orientated to achievement brings subjective thinking.
Top note: Mentha spicata
Middle note: Citrus bergamia, Citrus paradise
Base note: Gentiana scabra, Artemisia capillaris

EnerGene Ⅲi
The soft, graceful and tidy grass represents a calm, well-mannered and soft spoken charmer. 
Top note: Rosmarinus officinalis
Middle note: Chrysanthemum Morifolium, Thymes vulgaris
Base note: Citrus reticulata Blanco, Uncaria tomentosa
● Fire fragrance
Fire fragrance is related to the heart by providing energy to help the heart maintain its balance and health

EnerGene Ⅱa
Like sunlight, the strong flame shines with full capacity. The natural self-confidence produces a very optimistic view and endless energy to help or contribute.
Top note: Marjorana hortensis
Middle note: Cymbopogon, Lavandula angustifolia, Scutellaria baicalnsis Geprgi
Base note: Aniba roseodora, celosia argentea linn.
EnerGene Ⅱi
The gentle, soft and elegant appearance hides considerable energy once ignited. This fragile nature is devoted and loyal to people and things around like a candle.
Top note: Citrus sinensis, Pelargonium graveolens
Middle note: Ruta graveolens
Base note: Salvia miltiorrhiza, Aniba roseodora
● Earth fragrance
Earth fragrance takes care of digestive health and helps to improve chronic stress, worry and anxiety

EnerGene Ⅴa
Steady and reliable likes a massive solid rock with big vision of realistic.The hugeness brings strong thinking and generosity for people to count on.
Top note: Cinnamomum cassia, Agastache rugosa
Middle note: Illicium verum
Base note: Atractylodes lancea, Chamaecyparis formosensis

EnerGene Ⅴi
The endless potential is so resourceful and productive like earth which is constantly used, re-worked and exploited.The instinct to nurture fertile fruits and vegetables brings luxury and comfortable lifestyle. 
Top note: Eupatorium fortunei
Middle note: Cinnamomum cassia, Andropogon muricatus
Base note: edychium coronarium Koenig, Chamaecyparis formosensis
● Metal fragrance
Metal fragrance can purify the lung and improve breathing health

EnerGene Ⅳa
The raw metal is extremely competitive to handle the challenge withclarity, focus and strategy. The pride develops high controlling in life as a strategist through education and experience.
Top note: Dendrobium
Middle note: Cedrus, Coptidis Rhizoma
Base note: Citrus bergamia, Chamaecyparis formosensis
EnerGene Ⅳi
Sensitive, creative and imaginative tendency always comes with very unique view. Craving to be the best is represented in the performance of talents and skills.
Top note: Prunus armenica
Middle note: Saussurea costus, Perillae Fructus
Base note: Eucalyptus globulus, Citrus bergamia
● Water fragrance
Water fragrance is related to the spleen. It nourishes and fuels the body by sufficient blood, and also strengthens memory.

EnerGene Ⅰa
Great ambition likes a deep sea which holds various treasures and creatures deep down.The natural born entrepreneur isfree and dynamic flowing through any crack with outstanding ability.
Top note: Styrax benzoin
Middle note: Pelargonium graveolens, Foeniculum vulgare, Cinnamomi Ramulus
Base note: Alpinia oxyphylla Miquel, Cedrus
EnerGene Ⅰi
The soft and naive appearance with solid and wise internal is enthusiastic, idealistic and creative. Freedom oriented characteristic delivers imaginative way of thinking.
Top note: Morinda officinalis, Foeniculum vulgare dulce, Cinnamomum cassia
Middle note: Cnidium monnieri
Base note: Pelargonium graveolens, Citrus bergamia

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